You feel like a city person, but your true roots are in the heart of the country.

The farmers and their crops, the ranchers and their cattle, the landscape dotted with colour… everything that’s waiting for us when we leave the stress and noise of the city behind

VIC BRASERíA takes you back to the real taste of things, because it tastes like everything you long for.

The authentic flavour of the finest traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

The genuine flavour of important things.

Leisure time spent in the company of friends.

The flavour of perfectly grilled vegetables.

After-dinner conversations with stories, jokes and laughter.

A perfectly cooked 1-kg T-bone steak.

A break during the week for a really good meal to boost your strength.

The kind of dinner you won’t forget.

Close your eyes and experience the play of textures.

Smell the soft smoky flavour of every piece of meat or crispy slice of vegetable before you taste it. Enjoy your food and follow our 3 important rules:


real flavour again. Take in its colour, smell and taste.


a change, because eating well can transform your life.


at its best: healthy products from the heart of Catalonia

Because the essence of life is meat, good vegetables and grill